China Electronics Technology Group Corporation No.26 Research Institute, and still have a name: Sichan Institute of Piezoelectric and Acoustooptic Technology (SIPAT) is a comprehensive agency specializing in SAW research and manufacture for over 25 years. It has developed a thousand of SAW devices, covering almost all the categories of SAW technology. Up to now SIPAT has about 500 SAW technicians ,among whom 150 or so are professors or senior engineers, 350 are engineers or technicians. SIPAT has established two production lines: one is for 1 um, intermediate frequency SAW devices; other is for 0.5um, SAW devices using mobile phone. SIPAT passed ISO9001 quality authentication in 1977. SIPAT is a leading supplier of SAW devices used by equipment manufacturers in the communications, information technology and military/aerospace industries in China, applications include telecommunication base station and repeater etc, Center frequency include 70MHz and 140MHz etc.

  • DLN19501   195MHz SAW Delay Line 25MHz Bandwidth
  • SP364   Over 100MHz IF SAW Filter
  • SP361   Over 100MHz IF SAW Filter
  • SP233   Over 100MHz IF SAW Filter
  • SP110   Over 100MHz IF SAW Filter
  • LBN09608   95.5MHz IF SAW Filter 12MHz Bandwidth
  • LBN09020   90MHz IF SAW Filter 24MHz Bandwidth
  • LBN09019   90MHz IF SAW Filter 24MHz Bandwidth
  • LBN09007   90MHz SAW Filter 24.26MHz Bandwidth
  • LBN9001   90MHz SAW Filter 19MHz Bandwidth
  • LBS08804   88.75MHz SAW Filter 1.6MHz Bandwidth
  • LBS08701   87.5MHz High-Loss SAW Filter 1.62MHz Bandwidth
  • LBN08303   82.6MHz IF SAW Filter 24MHz Bandwidth
  • LBN08301   83.5MHz SAW Filter 7.3MHz Bandwidth
  • LBN08032   80MHz Low-loss SAW Filter 8MHz Bandwidth
  • LBN08028   80MHz Low-loss SAW Filter 10MHz Bandwidth
  • LBN08023   80MHz SAW Filter 14.48MHz Bandwidth
  • LBN07905   78.75MHz SAW Filter 12MHz Bandwidth
  • LB079DS02   78.5MHz Low-loss SAW Filter 20MHz Bandwidth
  • LBN07602   76.8MHz SAW Filter 11.3MHz Bandwidth
  • LBN07506   75MHz IF SAW Filter 19MHz Bandwidth
  • LBS07503   75.64MHz SAW Filter 1.5MHz Bandwidth
  • LBT07402   74.75MHz High-Loss SAW Filter 4.50MHz Bandwidth
  • LBN07302   73.1MHz IF SAW Filter 6MHz Bandwidth
  • LBN06606   66.4MHz IF SAW Filter 10MHz Bandwidth
  • LBN06101   61.44MHz SAW Filter 24MHz Bandwidth
  • UE3.4   67.22/61.22MHz SAW Resonator
  • LBN05802   57.8MHz IF SAW Filter 4MHz Bandwidth
  • LBN05502   55.2MHz SAW Filter 7.1MHz Bandwidth
  • LBN05402   53.8MHz SAW Filter 7.3MHz Bandwidth
  • SP44-6   44MHz SAW Filter 6MHz Bandwidth