Shenzhen Sunyuan Technology Co., Ltd.
Shenzhen Sunyuan Technology Co., Ltd.
Founded in 2002, with a history stretching back over 5 years, Shenzhen Sunyuan Technology Co., Ltd. has been dedicating to design and produce DC-DC Converter and ISO series Signal Isolation Amplifier module, Signal Converter,signal Isolation Transmitter ,Signal Transducer ,Isolated safety bar and so on.

  • ISOS1-P1-O1   ISO系列 转速传感器 信号隔离变送器IC
  • B0503LS-W2   1KVAC隔离 非稳压单输出 DC-DC CONVERTER
  • ISO-1001   ISO-1001 Signal Isolated Amplifier IC
  • ISO-U1-P1-O1   LOW COST INTERNALLY POWERED ISO-UPO: DC Voltage Signal (V/I, V/V) Isolated Amplifier IC
  • ISO-1003   ISO- 1003 Two Wires 4-20mA Current Loop Isolated Amplifier IC
  • DIN1X1-ISO-F1-P4-O5   ISO Series Frequency Signal To Voltage/Current Signal Transmitter ISO F/V Series
  • ISOEM-U1-P1-O4   ISOEM Series DC Current/Voltage Single/Dual Signal Isolated Amplifier IC
  • ISO-A1-P4-O1   ISO-APO: DC Current Signal (I/I, I/V) Isolation Amplifier IC
  • ISO-4-20MA   4-20mA CURRENT INPUT LOOP POWERED ISOLATOR Super-mini Two-wire Signal Conditioners
  • ISO-1002   ISO 1002 Series Analog Small Signal Isolation Amplifier
  • KRB1205D-5W   KRB Series 3~5W Non-isolated Regulated Single Output
  • ISO4-20MA-F   4-20mA-F 3KVDC Isolation 4-20mA Dual Loop Isolation Distributor IC SIP12package
  • ISO-4011-P2-A   Multirange,High Accuracy Analog Input, Data Acquisition Modules