Temex Components
Temex Components
At Temex, we are different. With more than 40 years worth of technological leadership and innovative experience in designing and manufacturing components, Temex can offer today more complex integrated modules, sub-systems and systems to meet our customers' evolving needs. Our product portfolio for the Time & Frequency markets allows us to follow our customers up the value chain and achieve cost and performance targets. In fact, we contribute to designing your future.

  • SRB232   Ultra Low Noise SAW Oscillator @ 320 MHz
  • SRD02   Ultra Low Noise Phase Locked 500 MHz SAW Oscillator
  • B650   Ultra Low Noise Voltage Controlled 1000 MHz SAW Oscillator
  • B248   Ultra Low Noise Voltage Controlled 480 MHz SAW Oscillator
  • SRW160   Ultra Low Noise 600 MHz SAW Oscillators
  • SRW150   Ultra Low Noise 500 MHz SAW Oscillators
  • QEHC49U   HC49U Crystal - Through Hole Packaged
  • FRW338   SAW Resonator - Remote Control
  • FRW342   SAW Resonator - Remote Control
  • QEA95V   SMD 9.6x11.4 TCXO / VC-TCXO - Communications Equipment Applications