tenx Corporation
tenx Corporation
The tenx Corporation was founded in 1997 to design, manufacture, and sell a wide range of high performance COMS ICs. Our products include 4 and 8 bit RISC Micro-Controllers,USB controllers, RF IC, LCD TV controllers and System on Chip (SOC) devices. These products are used primarily in personal computers, peripheral controls, and consumer and communications applications.

  • TP6823   USB Full Speed Game Pad Controller Data Sheet
  • TP6825   USB Full Speed Game Pad Controller Data Sheet
  • TM8952   TM8952 4-Bit Microcontroller
  • TM8721   4-Bit Micro-Controller With LCD Driver
  • TM87R04   4-Bit Microcontroller With LCD Driver
  • TMU3101   The TMU3101 Is An 8-bit Microprocessor Embedded Device Tailored To The USB/PS2 Mouse Application. It Includes An 8-bit RISC CPU Core, 192-byte SRAM, Low Speed USB Interface And An 8Kx 14 Internal Program OTP-ROM.