TranSwitch Corporation
TranSwitch Corporation
TranSwitch® Corporation (NASDAQ: TXCC) provides communications OEMs with carrier-class semiconductors for the converging voice, data, and video network. TranSwitch designs and develops innovative silicon and software solutions, and provides the customer support needed for the fastest time-to-market.

  • TXC-06742   Highly Integrated Ethernet + SAN Framer/ Mapper For OC-48/STM-16 SONET/SDH Transport
  • TXC-04246   OC-3/STM-1 Ethernet Mapper For SONET/SDH Transport
  • TXC-06951   Your Modular Solution For The Integrated Multi-Service Access Network
  • TXC-06960   40G Virtual Tributary Processor With Embedded Cross Connect For Metro Networks
  • VTXP-24   1.25 Gbps Integrated Framer, Virtual Tributary Processor And Cross Connect For Access And Metro Networks
  • TL3M   T I V I T Y Field Proven Triple Level 3 Mapper With On-chip Digital Desynchronization
  • TXC-06830   Complete Single-chip Channelized DS3 Solution
  • TXC-04222   Integrated Dual-Bus T1/E1 28 Channel Mapper
  • TXC-06826   Fully Integrated DS3/DS1/DS0 Bandwidth Processor
  • TXC-05870   Single-Chip TDMoIP/MPLS Gateway Solution
  • TXC-06406   Multi-Rate PHY/Framer For Data Networks
  • TXC-06306   Multi-Rate PHY/Framer For Telecom Networks
  • PHAST-3P   STM-1/STS-3c SONET/SDH Overhead Terminator/Processor For Cell And Packet Applications
  • TXC-06103   Full Featured STS-3/STS-3c/STM-1 Overhead Terminator/Processor
  • PHAST-12P   Multi-Rate PHY / Framer For Data Networks
  • TXC-06312   Multi-Rate PHY/Framer For Telecom Networks
  • TXC-06212   High Performance VLSI Device For ATM/PPP/TDM SONET/SDH Overhead Termination
  • OED155   Dual STM-1 Framer, Pointer Processor, Cross Connect, And PDH Mapper
  • ETHERPHAST-2GE   Low Cost OC-48/STM-16 Full Rate (2x GigE/SAN) Framer-Mapper With Maximized Client Flexibility And Performance
  • ETHERPHAST-24   Highly Integrated Ethernet, Packet + SAN Framer/Mapper For Dual OC-12/STM-4