Wilco Corporation
Wilco Corporation
Established in 1953, Wilco Corporation is a manufacturer and distributor of surface mount and thru-hole inductors, chokes, and coils. Wilco's strategy is to work closely with our customers to provide total solutions to their inductor sourcing needs. Our combination of domestic manufacturing and off-shore sourcing gives Wilco an unique advantage in servicing our customers needs. We can deliver prototype samples immediately followed by pre and initial production quantities manufactured in our factory domestically to put you in production on a fast track basis. This ability dovetails with our reliable low price off shore sourcing to provide you with a long term low price supply of the inductive products you need. Exceeding expectations on a daily basis is what service is all about at Wilco. Give us an opportunity to earn your business! Call today!

  • SMCC1008   SMCC1008 Series Ceramic Chip Inductor
  • SMCC0805   SMCC0805 Series Ceramic Chip Inductor
  • SMCC0603   SMCC0603 Series Ceramic Chip Inductor
  • WMLC0805   WMLC0805 Series Multi Layer Chip Inductor
  • SMS20   SMT Power Inductors SMC1812 Surface Mount Chip Inductors
  • SMC1812   SMT Power Inductors SMC1210 Surface Mount Chip Inductors
  • SMC1210   SMT Power Inductors Surface Mount Chip Inductors
  • SMBS35   SMBS35 Series Shielded Inductors
  • 200-11   200 Series Layer Wound Inductors
  • HFT102   HFT Series High Frequency Toroids
  • CMT1   CMT1 Series Common Mode Toroid
  • RLH10G   LF Series High Current Hash Chokes
  • WO60   SMT Power Inductors
  • WO20S   WO20S Series Power Inductors
  • SMBS45   SMBS35 Surface Mount Shielded Inductor
  • MC102   MC Series Miniature Drum Core Inductor
  • SMBS25   SMBS25 Series Shielded Inductors
  • WO60S   WO60S Series Shielded Power Inductors
  • ML10S   ML Series Miniature Layer Wound
  • CC1-10S   CC3 Series Conformal Coated Inductors
  • MM10S   Inductors MM Series Wide Range Chokes
  • TBM100   TBM Series PCB Mount Inductors
  • ITL100   ITL Series Large Self Leaded
  • WALS12   WALS12 Series Subminiature Shielded Chokes
  • BSL330   BSL Series Large Shielded Bobbins
  • BSS330   Inductors BSS Series Small Shielded Bobbins
  • DC2   DC2 Series Power Inductors
  • DC1   DC1 Series Power Inductors
  • WO40   WO40 Series SMT Power Inductors
  • WO30   WO30 Series Power Inductors
  • 2220PC   2220PC Series Power Inductors