Xecom, Inc
Xecom, Inc

  • XE5692SM   Compact, Low-Cost Global Embedded V.92 Modem
  • XE5692H   Half-Size, Low-Cost Global Embedded Modem
  • XE5692G   World’s Smallest Complete V.92 Modem
  • XE5690SM   Compact, Low-Cost Global Embedded Modem
  • XE5690H   Half-Size, Low-Cost Global Embedded Modem
  • XE5690G   World’st Smallest Complete V.90 Modem
  • XE5614G   Global 56KBPS Modem In XExx14L Pin Out
  • XE2486   Miniature 2400 Bps Modem Module
  • XE2422SM   Compact, Low-Cost Global Embedded 2400 Bps Modem
  • XE2422H   Low-Cost, 2400 BPS Surface-Mount Modem
  • XE2420G   Smallest World-Wide 2400 BPS Modem
  • XE2420   2400 BPS Surface-Mountable Integrated Sealed-Hybrid Modem
  • XE1414C   Worldwide 14.4 KBPS Modem Module For Embedded Applications
  • XE5620G   Smallest World-Wide 56 KBPS Modem
  • XE1030   SIP DAA Provides 3750 Volt Isolation Barrier
  • XE056LCC   Surface-Mount Slim-Link® DAA For 56K Bps Data Transfer
  • XE0204   2-Wire/4-Wire Telephone Line Interface
  • XE0092   Surface-Mount DAA Modules For Audio Or Data Transfer
  • XE0068DT   FCC Registered DAA Module With DTMF Transmitter/Decoder
  • XE0002D   Modular DAA With 2/4 Wire Convertor
  • XE24S100   Xecom XE24S500 The Smallest, Complete 2.4 GHZ FHSS Transceiver
  • XE24S500   Xecom XE24S500 The Smallest, Complete 2.4 GHZ FHSS Transceiver
  • XE900SL10   XE900SL10 Miniature Spread Spectrum Transceiver