High Voltage Generation For Xenon Tube Applications

 The ignition Timing lights in common
use range from simple neon to complex
units. Neon Timing lights have a
drawback that due to their low light
output, the user is forced to operate
them in subdued lighting. This becomes
a safety hazard as one tends to hold the
unit close to the Timing mark and to the
“invisible” (or apparently stationary)
fan blades.    Xenon Beacon
Another possible application for the
ZVN2110A MOSFET is a Xenon beacon.
Since the beacon Flash rate is low, a high
value output capacitor CAN be used. This
allows more energy to be dumped into
the tube, giving an intense pulse of light.
The circuit diagram is shown in Figure 2.
The circuit is similar to that described
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Ignition Timing Light
Ignition Timing Light

Xenon Beacon
Xenon Beacon

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