Irplcfl2 42 Watt Compact Fluorescent Ballast Reference Design

 The CFL-2 is an electronic ballast design for driv-
ing a 42 watt compact fluorescent lamp from a
120 or 230 volt AC line. The circuit was designed
using the IR2156 Ballast Driver  IC. The main
features of the circuit are programmable fre-
quency, preheat time, over-current threshold and
dead time. A circuit board was designed and
tested to verify reliable functionality under actual
operating conditions.
 The schematic for CFL-2 is shown in Figure 1.  With a 120 volt AC line input (AC1-N), the voltage is
rectified and doubled to provide a bus voltage of approximately 300 volts. With a 220 volt AC line
input (AC1-AC2), the voltage is rectified but not doubled and again provides a bus voltage of approxi-
mately 300 volts.  The start up resistor, RSUPPLY, is sized such that it CAN supply the micro-power
current during under-voltage lockout (UVLO).  When VCC exceeds the UVLO+ threshold, the IR2156 BR>begins to oscillate and the Charge Pump circuit (CCP, DCP1, and DCP2) supplies the current to VCC
which causes the internal 15.6V shunt clamp to regulate.
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IRPLCFL2 IR2156 Schematic Diagram
 Schematic Diagram

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