Lin-bus Hid Lamp Levelling Stepper Motor Control Using Motorola 908e625 Reference Design

 This reference design describes the development of a LIN based High
Intensity Discharge (HID) headlamp levelling system, which controls the
stepper motors in the lamp module to compensate for the motion of the
vehicle. (In this implementation, the vehicle’s movement is simulated on
a PC). The design consists of a master control board that is based on a
16-bit HCS12 MCU, a PC with graphical user Interface (GUI) and slave
nodes that control the levelling stepper motors (see Section 2. System
Concept for a full description). The slave nodes are driven by an
innovative dual-die product (908E625) that contains an 
industry-standard Flash based, M68HC08 MCU and an SMOS power
die that includes VReg, LIN Interface Hall Sensor Interface and
high-side and low-side drivers. (See appendices and data sheet for
additional information.) 
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LIN Master Board Schematic
LIN Master Board Schematic

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