Mc68hc908ey16 Controlled Robot Using The Lin Bus

 The LIN (Local Interconnect Network, reference [1])
protocol was specified for automotive applications, but
there is no reason why it cannot be used for other
applications. Its single data line facilitates a three wire
serial control and power bus  that CAN reduce the wiring to
a minimum in many applications. This application note
describes the use of the LIN bus to control a small robot
powered by the type of servo used in radio-controlled
models. The robot has five degrees of freedom and could
easily be controlled by a single Microcontroller but, as a
demonstration of LIN each servo is a separate slave
node and thus five MCUs are employed.
Each of these nodes is a simple LIN slave so the
complete system requires a master node and a method of
sending position information for the various nodes. A
master based on an  MC68HC908EY16  was used. A LIN slave cannot
initiate Communications This is the responsibility of the
master which on a regular basis, every 100ms in this
case, issues header frames that contain the required 
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MC68HC908EY16 LIN Slave Node Circuit Diagram
MC68HC908EY16  LIN Slave Node Circuit Diagram

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