LFBGA Package

LFBGA Package

What is LFBGA package ?
LFBGA means
The ball grid array package reduces board space by increasing I/O density while offering the broadest portfolio of Logic technologies

In support of customer demand and the industry's trend toward smaller, more compact designs, Texas Instruments (TI), Philips Semiconductors and IDT (Integrated Device Technology, Inc.) have agreed to source logic devices with the same functionality and pin-outs (JEDEC Standard No. 75, JESD75) in a space-saving, low-profile, fine-pitch ball grid array (LFBGA) package. These JEDEC approved (JC-11 Committee, MO-205) LFBGA packages marks the first implementation of BGA packaging in logic devices.

TI's 96- and 114-ball LFBGA packages increase signal bit width, reduce board space, and enhance thermal and electrical performance in applications such as wireless telephone systems, base stations, and networking systems. Space constrained devices such as memory modules and handheld computers are also ideal applications for LFBGA logic.

Compared with alternative types of packaging, the 0.8-mm ball pitch provides improved electrical and thermal characteristics by reducing inductance 45 percent compared to TSSOP packages. Additionally, the small impedance variations between the package's pins results in a lower skew rate. In tests comparing the thermal performance of this BGA package with TSSOP packages, the LFBGA was found to be up to 50 percent more efficient at dissipating heat.
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