PBGA Package

PBGA Package

What is PBGA package ?
PBGA means Plastic Ball Grid Array Package (PBGA)
PBGA package image
Part Manufacturer Description Datasheet Samples
XA1243FPBGABL Texas Instruments 76-GHz to 81-GHz high-performance automotive MMIC 161-FC/CSP -40 to 125
EL4544IGZ Renesas Electronics Corporation $ Serial programming of switch array $ Parallel or serial modes $ High Z output disable $ Drives 150Ω loads $ 60MHz 0.1dB gain flatness $ -3dB bandwidth of 300MHz $ Crosstalk rejection: 75dB @ 100MHz $ Channels settle to 5% within 10ns after overlay switching $ 356 pin PBGA packaging $ Pb-free (RoHS compliant)
AT75C140(256PBGA) Microchip Technology Inc Micro Peripheral IC
TW2851-BB2-GR Renesas Electronics Corporation $ Integrated Audio Codec $ Single DDR SDRAM Memory Controller $ 8/16-bit Parallel Host Interface $ 8/12/16-channel Cascade Support $ 1.2V, 3.3V Supply $ Package: 352-PBGA, 27x27x2.23 mm

Analog Video Decoder $ Accepts all NTSC(M/N/4.43)/PAL(B/D/G/H/I/K/L/M/N/60) standards with auto detection $ 8 analog CVBS inputs for pseudo 8 channel support $ Integrated analog anti-aliasing filters & 10-bit ADCs $ High performance adaptive 4H comb filters for all NTSC/PAL standards $ Proprietary fast video locking system for non-realtime application $ Noise reduction algorithm to remove impulse noise $ Independent & flexible video scalars for display, record and SPOT path $ Four built-in 16x12 matrix motion/blind/night detectors

Record $ Supports BT.656, BT.601 & BT.1120 formats $ Record Resolutions: Full D1, Half D1 and CIF $ Programmable Frame Rates: 1 to 30 fps Flexible Record Output Functions $$ Real time & non-real time recording over 27/54MHz clock $$ Field switching record modes support up to 120 fields per second $ Embedded Motion Detection & Channel ID Encoder $ 6-Layer Graphic Overlay with Independent 16-bit Bitmap OSG Window for Each Record $ Optional multiplexed digital video output for network function

Playback $ Flexible playback ports supporting BT.656, BT.601, BT.1120 & 24-bit RGB formats $ Supports up to 16-ch non-realtime playback $ Supports 4-ch D1 or 16-ch CIF realtime playback $ Auto cropping & strobe with channel ID decoder for multi-channel playback input

Display $ Displays up to 32 windows on PC monitor or LCD panel $$ H/V Scaling & Mirroring for Each Window $$ Live & Playback Video Tiling on Same Display $ Last field/frame image captured when video loss detected $ Live or strobe capture for pseudo 8-ch mode $ Supports dual monitors: Main & Secondary $ Main Display (RGB/LVDS Interface) $$ Up to WXGA+ resolution $$ Built-in Video Scalar & 2D De-interlacer $$ 7-Layer Graphic Overlay including Dual 16-bit Bitmap OSG Layers $ Secondary Display (CVBS Interface) $$ Built-in Video Scalar & NTSC/PAL Encoder $$ 5-Layer Graphic Overlay including Dual 16-bit Bitmap OSG Layers $ SPOT Display (CVBS Interface) $$ Displays up to 16 channels of live camera $$ 6-Layer Graphic Overlay including Dual16-bit Bitmap OSG Layers

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