A Simple Keypad Using Lin With The Mc68hc908qt/qy Mcu

 This document describes an implementation of a LIN slave simple keypad
based on the MC68HC908QY/QT Family of Microcontroller units (MCUs).
LIN (local interconnect network) is a low-cost, serial Communication system
intended for use in distributed electronic systems in vehicles. LIN’s features,
such as baud rate, cannot compete against much more sophisticated networks
such as CAN (controller area network) and MOST (media-oriented system
transport) or byteflight . However, LIN’s simplicity and very low module price
make it ideal for applications that do not require more sophisticated networks.
LIN applications are very common and located in numerous places throughout
a vehicle:
• Door — Mirrors, window lifting, door locks
• Engine — Sensors and small motors
• Roof — Rain or light sensors
• Steering wheel — Radio cruise control, and lights
• Seats — Position motors, occupant sensors
• Dash board
• HVAC — Flap control, Sensors blower motor, and control panels
This implementation uses MC68HC908QY/QT, the smallest member of
Motorola 8-bit M68HC08 MCU Family. All family members use the enhanced
M68HC08 central processor unit (CPU08), and are available with a variety of
modules, memory sizes and types, and package types.
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MC68HC908QY Keypad Module Circuit Diagram
MC68HC908QY  Keypad Module Circuit Diagram

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