Touch Panel System Using Mc34940/mc33794 E-field Sensors

 This Reference Manual provides all the design guidelines and considerations when designing a touch panel application using
E-field Sensors which include the MC34940 and the MC33794. The manual also includes the installation and setup instructions
for the Touch Panel System using MC33794 E-Field Sensor MC68HC908QB8 Embedded MCU and the MC33993 Multiple
Switch Detection Interface It describes how to easily program the embedded MCU and the basic hardware configurations to
start the demo.
Even though this demo was designed with the MC33794 all the principles used in this design also apply when using the
MC34940. When replacing the MC33794 with the MC34940 in this reference design, be cautious of:    MC68HC908QB8 BR>SOIC16W Micro controller
LM2767M5 BR>SOT23-5
Switching Capacitor Voltage
LM358AD 8-SO IC Opamp Dual
MAX232CSE 16-terminal
RS-232 Interface
MC33993DWB 32-SOICW WB MC33993 in SO-32WB
MC33794 MC34940DW
Electric Field Imaging Device
MC7805CDT D-PAK 5V Voltage Regulator
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Touch Panel System block diagram
Touch Panel System block diagram

Analyzer Board Schematics
Analyzer Board Schematics

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