Using Tps54672 In Ddr Memory/active Bus Termination Applications

 Integrated FET SWIFT™ TPS54672 regulators
from Texas Instruments are a simple and low-cost
solution for DDR memory bus and other high-speed
logic bus termination voltage (VTT) applications.
These applications are typically high-performance
designs requiring fast transient response, the ability
to track an external Voltage Reference and current
source and sink capability. Additionally, since the
VTT generation circuit should be placed as close as
possible to the termination resistors on the bus,
many of these applications are also space critical
and require a solution that uses a minimum amount
of board space. By operating the TPS54672 at the
optimum frequency of 700 kHz, a low-value, small
size output inductor may be used. This, along with
the small number of external components required
by the TPS54672 allows for a complete 6-A DDR
memory bus termination point of load Regulator in a
space of only 1.33” x 0.445” x 0.3” (see Figure 1).
For the output supply voltage, VDDQ, the TPS54610 BR>can provide a complementary solution in a similar
board space.
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Electrical Schematic of Evaluation Module TPS54672
Electrical Schematic of Evaluation Module TPS54672

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